Новая волна сонной болезни в Казахском селе Калачи

В казахском селе снова два человека страдают от загадочной болезни. Симптомы: человек впадает в сон. По неизвестной причине в течение двух лет около 120 человек преодолеть сон в селе калачи. Возможно, сон вызван газом радона, который высвобождается из старых урановых рудников в районе.

Перевод: Газета ” BN DeStem” Нидерланды


Что думают Голландские Конькобежцы о столице Казахстана и Alau Ледовом Дворце

foto_79_11 Хайн Оттерспейр делится впечатлениями о      приезде в Астану.
Цитирую: ” Отель очень хороший, еда вкусная, у меня не возникло проблем с перелетом, чувствую себя прекрасно. Это замечательный город где особенный способ обращения с деньгами. И считаю, что стоит посетить и посмотреть этот город.
Мишелю Мюлдеру интересен Ледовый каток в Астане. Он желает чтобы новый Ледовый дворец который строится в Нидерландах соответствовал климатическим условиям как в Ледовом Дворце Алау в Астане.

Adil Jalilov- journalist in kazakhstan

Hi guys!!! I want to to write about journalist in Kazakhstan- Adi Jalilov. He is the popular figure in journalism in Kz. So first of all it is important to notice how he use social network in his sphere i.e online journalism. I wrote his article about internet developing in kazakhtan. There are a lot of information concern the most important topic” How internet influence on kazakhstani  journalists”. He said that we use internet as the tool for sharing information, commenting and blogging using Rss Feeds and other bloggs. But anyway it is useful for many people……I am really interested in his articles and his blogs was impressed…….After that i follow him in Twitter, Facebook……

Journalism takes a very important place in Social Media

When I read the book about “Journalism in Social Media” I am interested in it……So I want to say that we can use different kind of tools for developing journalistic values and skills with the help of social media exactly. What concern site 10000words.net, it is very important site which we should use for posting, it is another RSS feed….there are a lot of journalists who has a blogs, some kind of information which is helpful and important. According to Geneva Overholser the goal of journalists is the keep people interested. I totally agree with this statement, because for journalists it is important to know the public…..i mean what kind of public will see and read the information….for example: man and women, old age people or teenagers……The major thing for journalists give content…….

The next point in this article is how to bring social media in academy, it is concern “In the classroom” …..They have very well ideas…..



After this future journalists will have very good skills in social media…….they start to imagine how it use…..and also help….

So to sum up I just want say that we have good opportunities for participating, writing and reading some blogs……using different social cites, rss feeds and so on…..

I was impressed of Facebook and Twitter pages- interesting for me)

Hello everybody)So….let’s talk about pages in facebook. I was interested in one page which i want to describe. It is Kyrgyz Mass Media.  This profile has the photo which connect to symbols of Kyrgyztan- the flag, also there are a lot of information concern developing mass media in Kyrgyztan, especially in Bishkek. I was interested in many sides of this page, mainly this page is for professional journalists who can develop writing skills, reading skills and so on. Also there is link to Central Asia. It is important site where journalists leave their news concern central asian countries. I like it)

Mass media is media which is intended for a large audience, that is why many journalists need to provide information online or by television. Nowadays there are billions users of internet in the world and we should participate in media online with the help of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is for people who want to follow each other and how we can describe some beat, first of all i think that virtual beat in Twitter is not so prodyctive because we have limit( 140 symbols only) to express some ideas.

Facebook and Twitter has link to each other we can have the pages and links at the one time…….We are very glad journalists that live in this time……We have a lot of opportunity to improve our journalism skills every day, minute, second……

Twitter and Facebook for professional journalism

Hi guys) recently we start to use very popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. When I was in England every person there has the facebook, and after that I want to use this tool for communications…..But what concern twitter I heard it and only in the class I registrated in it.

Twitter is the good way for blogging some kind of information; participate in some discussions and also to put some ideas for it. As I see there are a lot of professional journalists who write different kind of information, but the problem is that there are limits in symbols (140 characters) It is very comfortable using this social networks and it is really helps to many journalists develop, improving writing skills. So I think we should communicate and shared information via Facebook and Twitter because there were some benefits and advantages for participate in it.

To sum up I want to say that we are journalists has very good opportunity for using social networks like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Reader and so on.

Participation in Eurasia Net)

Today in the class we start to study about participation in different kind of sites, we discussed how it is important to participate in it. The most popular site which we use in the class was Eurasia net. I like this site and I want to participate in it, because it is connect with our country. There is a lot of interesting news, weblogs. Also I find some information and I want to leave a comment, because it is concern my home town. The news look like “Petropavlovsk are against Kyzylzhar” it means that the name of my hometown want to change, but many people against it. I think that it is very bad idea to have changes in the town, because every document should be changed- it is very difficult process. So that is why people are against it. I don’t think that if the name change the city will be more beautiful, interesting or something like that.

………………..That is why I was really interested in this site and participation in it can help to people to get a good decision for this difficulties. Also there can be some technical problems, like non-using the service- leave a comment or be in contact with own bloggers, authors and so on. Sometimes it can happen. Also there are a lot of people who want to visit this site, there can be some disconnecting or something like this. The main page of the site can change and you forget about your password, login and so on…….So it is only technical problems……………It is important to participate in this cites, you can share information, personal opinion, having some advices and so on.

To sum up I just want to write that it is very useful thing to use this social network and also participate in it.